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"We selected I.N.O. Electrical Service based on solar PV customers who noted his attention to detail and integrity. He also displayed a thorough understanding of the proper design and installation of the project, better than some other certified installers."

 Robert Goodof
 Osterville, MA 

Move Forward With Alternative Energy Solutions-
It's no secret that gas and oil prices keep rising and fossil fuels are becoming a thing of the past.
Time to find out how the solar photovoltaic industry can benefit you. Set up an appoinment with us today so we can evaluate the PV system you would need and provide you with a free analysis and your return on investment results. Be the next one to start turning back your meter and become a leader of the renewable energy revolution!

     Our Promise:
When you call I.N.O. Electrical Service you speak directly to us. We are the ones going to the site for the evaluation and we are the ones that will be doing the entire installation process. 

              Our Team:
I.N.O. Electrical Service has been involved in the design build and installation process of well over 15 Mega Watts of solar power from commercial to residential in Southeastern MA. Solar panels are an electrical device integrated into an existing electrical infrastructure which means that you can feel secure in knowing that you are dealing directly with qualified electricians installing your system.
I.N.O. Electrical Service also has a full design team consisting of an Electrical Engineer, Structural Engineer, and CAD Specialist providing you with quality assurance. 

To apply for the MA Clean Energy Rebates you need to have a completed home energy audit.
Schedule one through Mass Save.

 Become Self Sufficiant
           Electric Heat
New energy efficient models heat a harmless silicone core that will never spill, leak, boil or freeze and have a lifetime warranty! The temperature control is in every room giving you more control on your operating heat cost. Needing no boiler and water tubes it saves space and requires little to no maintenance. Electric heat won't create hazardous CO production, gas leaks or boiler explosions. Once it is installed you will no longer have the annual expense of boiler & stack pipe cleaning, purging pipes or water pump replacement. Free yourself from fossil fuels!
       Electric Hot Water      
Hybrid Electric Water Heaters are said to use less than half the energy of standard water heaters. 
  Begin ~ The Rest Will
               Be Easy




      Falmouth, MA
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Don't be left without power during the next storm. Prepare yourself with a generator now!

Nabcep Certification


Learn more about clean energy and the rebate program in Massachusetts:

Renewable Energy

Mass Clean Energy
                 Center rebates

State income 
                  tax credit

               *26% Federal
solar income 
                  tax credit

         *SMART Program

*Reduce your ________ carbon footprint


               *26% Federal
                   solar income tax

                *50% (macrs)

                 *SMART Program

                 *Become a 
                   Green business

Find more information on state incentives for energy efficiency
and renewable energy:



When you invest in solar you are investing in yourself, the future and America!


We can show you just how easily affordable a solar installation can be. With your roof analysis and electric bill I.N.O. Electrical Service will provide you with a detailed summary report on your savings, the payback time frame and the environmental impact you will have.

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